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Welcome to Empower the Powerful

Kia Ora, I am Kaity and I’m on a mission

In March 2017 I felt wounded, lost and alone. The fear and sadness running through me heightened as the reality of sexual violence being a silent global epidemic sunk in as I browsed through the limited information and resources available to me. This void in support inspired the establishment of Empower the Powerful in March 2018.

Through this platform lies a passion for breaking the silence and stigma around sexual trauma. In addition to the deep desire to open up the conversation surrounding mental illness and the impact PTSD, anxiety and depression can have on our holistic wellbeing.

I have an unwavering desire and intention to help survivors of sexual trauma as well as people suffering from depression and anxiety to reclaim their power, connect with their inner strength & to reach their wildest dreams.

  • We have been silenced by the abusers & assaulters out of shame and fear
  • We have been silenced by the constraints and pressures of the societies we have grown up in
  • We have been silenced out of love and protection for our families and friends who’s heart may break to hear about our experience

I hear you. I see you. I believe you. I honour you.
Aroha nui,

Our Values Lay at the Core of Everything We Create for You